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Meditation Method 

The meditation employs an easy-to-follow guided method with the primary goal of shedding the false self. The comprehensive program comprises seven (7) levels or steps followed by habit elimination, each targeting distinct aspects of the false self through varied methods.

It represents an unparalleled methodology with the ultimate objective of transforming the human mind into the eternal consciousness and body of the universe.

Enlightenment regarding the universe aligns with each level. As individuals progress through the levels, their awareness enlightens to the consciousness of the universe in proportion to the extent to which their false self has been discarded. 

During an interview in January 2002, the founder characterized the method as:


"About eliminating minds through cleansing the mind. It is also possible to completely discard the habits that our bodies inherited and accumulated during our lifetimes.

When our false minds and bodies have been completely discarded,

The truth that is within oneself emerges. This is the way to achieve human completion."

(Excerpt: Woo Myung, Gwangil Kim, Sangdon Shin, and Gisook Kim, A Discussion of The Mind Truth and Subtraction Meditation, 2002, South Korea. Web Resource: Retrieved, November 10, 2016,

“It is not my purpose to make disciples. I am here to make masters"
- Founder Woo Myung-

From an early age, Woo Myung earnestly sought Truth. Born and raised in the small town of Euisung in South Korea amidst the Korean civil war, he experienced the loss of his father at the tender age of 9. As an adult, he led a stable life operating a tutoring school, yet his quest for enlightenment persisted during his throughout his life.

In 1996, while immersed in meditation, Woo Myung had a profound realization. Instead of merely aspiring to achieve enlightenment, he recognized the need to discard not only his mind but also his very self. Through this intuitive understanding in meditation, he successfully shed his mental constructs, enlightening himself to the realization that the Universe is his mind, ultimately attaining the status of Truth.


Since then, Woo Myung has dedicated his life to sharing this enlightenment and developed a meditation program, finalized in 2012, in which ordinary individuals are able to reach human completion.


Woo Myung distinguishes himself by his relentless commitment and tireless efforts, surpassing the dedication of those who seek his guidance in meditation. Before the pandemic, he extensively traveled the world throughout the year, delivering lectures and spreading the messages of Truth and hope, ensuring others have access to his transformative method.

 What does the false human mind
consist of?

People live inside their own mind's worlds,
which are composed of their pictures of life lived, body, and habits. 
These worlds are created by storing memories as images.
We believe our false mind worlds to be the real world,
because the images we have taken of everything
we have seen, heard, and experienced perfectly overlap the real world.   

This step illustrates the initial stage of the meditation process


Recall the thoughts and images stored in your mind.



Reflect on the pictures to increase self-awareness. 

Take notice of your habits and attachments, cultivating an awareness of your identity from a broader perspective: that of the Universe.


Discard the images using a guided visualization technique. Train your mind to recognize that the illusion is not reality and discard it from the perspective of the Universe..

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