Brooklyn Meditation opened in Park Slope September of 2015. At our center, we use a ground-breaking meditation method that is currently being used in more than 340 centers in 41countries and steadily gaining popularity worldwide. 


We provide individual and group guided meditation, that anyone regardless of age, culture, experience with meditation, or educational level can use to create profound changes in their lives. Our method allows for deep emotional and psychological changes that enhance feelings of well-being, safety, acceptance, connection with others, harmony, and self-awareness. The results of this method are unprecedented in the history of meditative practice. As a staff at Brooklyn Meditation, we look forward with great enthusiasm in guiding you along this incredible journey!

A place that is True and complete has to be a place that enables people to become the existence of Truth itself.


ChongJin (CJ) Lee

Full time Meditation Guide

CJ was born in South Korea and moved to the United States when she was fourteen years old. She attended High School and College in the Pacific Northwest and has a degree in Architecture from the University of Oregon. She moved to New York City to be closer to her sister and her nephew in 2001. She has close to a decade of experience working as an Architect in Manhattan with a specialty in corporate interiors and is an avid fan of zombie movies and TV shows. 

Throughout her life, CJ engaged in various meditative practices however, found that it wasn't until she encountered this method that she was able to gain everyday life changes because it was so concrete and methodological. She started this method in 2004 in the United States after seeing her father gain tremendous benefits and then later traveled to South Korea to complete the method and start her formal training as a meditation guide, then completed the full training to become a guide in New York. Ever since then this meditation has been a huge part of her life and has helped her obtain a peace of mind that is unconditional and gain greater wisdom about the impermanence of life. Due to this career path as a meditation guide, she feels lucky to have had the opportunity to work and travel around the world, including places like Sweden, Los Angeles, South Korea and more. 


After seeing over the years how this meditation brings transformation to peoples' lives she decided to become a full-time guide because she wanted a career that changes lives. Since 2011, everyday she feels this is the best job on earth!

Melissa Bijur

Student helper

Melissa was born in Colombia and moved to the United States in 2004 to continue her studies as an Opera singer. She has given a variety of performances in her country and in New York City. She also worked as a Real State Agent in Brooklyn-Park Slope where she lives, with her husband and two children. She enjoys dancing, arts and craft as well as riding her double bike with both of her kids. 


During her music career and search for new horizons, she found this amazing meditation. It has brought her family closer together and has created better harmony at home. 

She started meditating as a student at Brooklyn Meditation, finding later on her new rewarding passion in helping and guiding others to meditate. While meditating, she could see her life changing, by having more energy, being more content with life, so much peace inside her mind and emotional and mental blockages disappearing. She believes that everyone needs meditation in their lives and a chance to be truly happy. This can be achieved through this meditation.


She is currently working as a part time student helper. She feels sincerely grateful and thankful for everything that has happened in her life because of this practice and wants to share this with everyone. Come by an meet Melissa at Brooklyn Meditation Center!

Elizabeth Cockrell

Full time Meditation Guide

Elizabeth grew up in Maryland outside of Washington D.C. and moved to New York City last year after she was offered the position as Mediation guide at Brooklyn Center. As an undergraduate, she received her BA in English and spent time studying abroad in South Africa. Following that, she became a part time artist, working as a commissioned painter and working within the service industry.  


After graduating she started to do meditation and yoga as a way to find a place to de-stress, and find some connection to something beyond herself.     


When she started this meditation she felt an immediate difference; she gained immediate change of perspective.  As she started to meditate she went from being scattered and anxious to having 'background calm' coming in.  She gained focus in finishing tasks and a very peaceful space was opening up from within. Less negative chatter in the back of her mind, and no more nagging thoughts.


She feels the meditation allows people to become the most beautiful version of themselves. After meditation people look brighter, they can gain confidence in whatever it is they do, live well, let things go easily, and all inner conflicts will dissolve through gaining wisdom.


She believes this is the greatest venture in the world. This is the most rewarding work to help people become complete, because a miracle takes place if it is done properly with an open mind and true sincerity. 


She is forever grateful to the meditation, the guides, and founder who has pioneered this program.  

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