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Brooklyn Meditation is located in the heart of Brooklyn. We offer a wide range of meditation classes and workshops geared towards spiritual, physical and mental well-being. Our classes are tailored to meet the needs of all types of practitioners, from beginners to advanced.


At Brooklyn Meditation, we provide a safe and supportive environment for all who join us. Our experienced instructors are here to help you explore the power of meditation and to guide you on the path of self-discovery.



Open Intro 

Every Saturday @ 11:30 am 

After Work Meditation  

Every Wednesday @ 7:15 pm 

Online Meditation Event  

Free Online sessions daily 


In person & online guided meditation

on monthly membership 


Public Advocate

Corporate workshops

School workshops

Our team is made up of professional, deeply dedicated and trained members who have undergone their own transformations, and
who are now focused on helping you find your own best self. 




Elizabeth has been practicing meditation for 7 years and has been guiding as an instructor at the Brooklyn Meditation center for 5 years.  


Elizabeth helped hundreds of diverse people of all backgrounds make meditation part of their lifestyle.



Since 2004, meditation has been the best way to release stress and anxiety.  Meditation method guided by a guide so simple and easy to follow. Meditation helped CJ to find inner strength, understanding of herself and the world.

She always wanted to find a way to help others and this was the perfect chance. For the past 10 years, being a meditation instructor, she feels lucky to have had the opportunity to work and help others.



Pam's meditation journey began about 5 years ago at Brooklyn Meditation center. Within a short period of time, she noticed improvements in her energy levels, mental clarity, and ability to handle stressful situations.


These positive shifts, in time, brought forth profound changes in her overall quality of life. Having been so touched by this practice, she has found a new passion in helping sharing meditation with others.

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