Living for others - a practice we call action meditation - is an important aspect of our meditative discipline. Up until now, our lives have been centered around ourselves and as such, learning to live for others is an integral part of our study.


Together, we choose opportunities to serve the community and engage in deepening our action meditation, lest our meditation practice become self-centered. All of the community service opportunities are student-led and aim to build our experience of connectedness to the world around us.

Jul 14, 2018

Meditation in Prospect Park : Past Event

In collaboration with the Prospect Park alliance we will provide free a meditation class July 14th, 2018 at 1pm-2pm. 

Mar 18, 2018

Prospect Park Volunteer Day

Open to all students: join us in volunteering at Prospect Park. We will meet at center and head over together. 

Apr 07, 2018

Join us in Planting Local Trees at Powell's Clove

Open to all students: join us in volunteering to plant local trees at Powell's Clove Park (Queens). 9am-1pm. We will meet at center and drive over together or you can meet us there. Volunteers will be trained in proper planting techniques. Wear boots, long pants, and something you don't mind get dirt all over!

Join us in volunteering at local food kitchen

Open to level 4 & up students: join us in volunteering at Chips' food kitchen Saturdays in two shifts: 9am-11am or 11am-2pm. We will volunteer as a group and do action meditation together while engaging in community service. Talk to staff about how to join in on the community service.


Click the link to CHIPS below for more info about the food pantry.​

Winter Clothing Drive

Feel free to drop off new or like new warm clothing for women who reside at Camba's Park Slope Women's Shelter. Requests have been made for scarves, gloves,  & coats. Please wash or dry clean all items. Donations will be collected from December 14th - December 31st 2017. 


Any questions feel free to call us at 718-622-1868.

Thank you to all those with generous hearts who donated! Our clothing drive was a success! Feel free to continue to donate throughout the winter time as we have extended the clothing drive. Clothing has been dropped off, however we will continue to bring over clothing weekly as it is donation.

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I, who does not possess, am beautiful.

I, who can give everything, am beautiful.

You, who does not possess, are beautiful.

You, who can give everything, are beautiful.

We, who do not seek from each other, are beautiful.

We, who help each other are beautiful.

We are always together, we are beautiful.

We can do together, we are beautiful.

We, who transform pain to happiness, are beautiful.

We, who transform impure to pure, are beautiful.

We, who believe in each other, are beautiful.

We, who love nature, are beautiful.

We, who transform from incompletion to completion, are beautiful.

People are beautiful.

Nature is beautiful.

The Universe is beautiful.

Coexistence is heaven.