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Find peace within 

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Tuesday & Thursday 

10 pm

Wake up refreshed
Start your day with a fresh, new mind that's ready to tackle the day.

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Wednesday 10:30 am


 New Start Let go of the past and restart with a clean and new mind.

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Tuesday 10:30 am Thursday 10:30 am  

Readings to awaken the mind. A chance to to reflect, connect, and cultivate inner peace.

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Monday 10 pm 

Sunday 10:30 am 

Let kindness, forgiveness and gratitude grow. Have a more comfortable and enjoyable world

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Sunday 3 pm 

Growing peaceful minds, for a positive life. Kids, age 8-12, learn how to process their emotions and release stress - while having fun!

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Monday, Wednesday 

Friday 12 pm

Feel tension melt away
As your body gently stretches
and your mind releases stress

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Friday 7 pm

A fun Q & A forum where we uncover the mysteries of  meditation

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Wednesday 7 pm

Saturday 3 pm 

Transform the present,
Find peace and clarity within you
that illuminates your day.


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Wednesday 3 pm

Sunday 12 pm 

Easy, live workouts to

get in shape at home

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