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Welcome to our
Open Sessions!

Join a free introductory class to learn how to meditate and experience first-hand this unique method to clear the mind.

Each meditation may address a new topic, relevant to the needs of the time and providing relief and clarity on our journey through life.


Take some time to reconnect with your inner self, while meeting other meditators and learning a simple meditation practice for lasting peace, insight, and emotional resilience.


All are welcome: experienced meditators and beginners alike.

  • Saturday Open Intro
    Saturday Open Intro
    Multiple Dates
    Sat, Oct 07
    Oct 07, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
    Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY, USA
    Learn about our unique method to cleanse the mind and find true peace within.
  • Youth Meditation Club- online
    Youth Meditation Club- online
    Every Wednesday
    Every Wednesday
    Learn how to self-reflect gain patience, peace and kindness. ​Come out of the class feeling calmer and happier! Every Wednesday at 7:15 pm on zoom

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Past Sessions:



is the key 

We all want to have a healthy and kind relationships with ourselves. Healthy relationship to one's self is vital to one’s mental well-being, life satisfaction, and maintaining healthy relationships with others.


Undoing a lifetime of self-criticism and self-judgement does not happen overnight, there are steps that can be taken.   

Learn a simple meditation practice to release negative self-talk and find love and compassion within.

Thursday, March 11th

6pm EST


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