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What makes it so hard to meditate and relax ?

According to the National Science Foundation.

The average person has about 12,000 to 60,000

thoughts per day.


                 80%  are negative 

                 95% are repetitive from the day before

These habitual thoughts are the exact reason why it is hard to wind down, relax, and meditate.  


Reducing daily thoughts to 20% per day will save you a lot of strain, worry, time, and wasted energy.

Since overthinking has become an ingrained habit in our lived lives, letting go of these thoughts takes time and systematic training through meditation. 

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How do I meditate?


Find the time and quiet space at home  

  • Settle into a comfortable sitting position

  • Turn your phone on silent mode.

  • Turn on the timer for 10 mins 

Step 2

Start out with a few deep breaths for 3 minutes

  • Focus on inhaling and exhaling gradually making it longer and deeper

  • Come into awareness of your body and mind:  feel any minor aches in your body and any emotions in your mind

  • Visualize your stress and any thoughts are leaving you as you exhale

  • Continue to breathe

Step 3

Focus on eliminating images for 5 minutes

  • Our mind takes in thousands of pictures and images from the surrounding environment every day. Those images are the root causes of excess thoughts and emotions.  

  • Focus on bringing up images during the day one by one

  • Letting them go instead of replaying them in your mind

  • Confirm the space of peace within as those images are eliminated 

Couple Meditating

Choosing meditation as an effective self-care tool 

​​Simple and powerful method

  • Recognizing that your thoughts and anxiety are from your lived life, and not necessarily reality.

  • Reflecting on how you have lived as a slave to those thoughts and minds.

  • Train the mind to detach and let go.


Results within a few weeks​​

  • You will be able to reduce excessive thoughts, your focus and efficiency will be improved.

  • Your mind will be more relaxed and comfortable, therefore you will perform better in stressful situations.

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