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  • Is prior experience with meditation required?
    No. The method is designed to be accessible to all people, regardless of education, age, experience with meditation etc. Children as young as six years old have been known to meditate and they tend to grasp the concepts right away and love it.
  • What kind or type of meditation does Brooklyn Meditation use?
    Brooklyn Meditation uses mind cleansing method using visualization. Mind cleansing practice is a meditation that allows you to throw away the negative mind, it is a method that helps you release and empty your mind. If the sand settles in muddy water, the water looks clear at that moment, but if you stir, it becomes dirty again, so the mind is the same. The water and soil must be scooped out and the bucket emptied in order to be filled with fresh water. If I let go of everything in me, I can regain my true nature, my true nature. From birth, people put into their mind what they see, hear, and experience with their five senses. It is stored in the mind as if it were a photo. Our memories and past experiences are like these photos that are fake replica of the past and is not real but it is stored in the mind as real. Throwing away this fake picture is the basic principle of our Mind Cleansing Practice.
  • How do I get started?
    The best way is to sign up for a month to give yourself enough time to learn and experience meditation. If you would like to to get your feet wet and learn to see if this meditation is right for you. There are two ways, Attend free Saturday Open Intro or Wednesday After Work Meditation, which happens every Saturday at 11:30 am and Every Wednesday at 7:15 pm (ongoing in 2024) Book a private intro for $15 at your convenience. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for buttons for Saturday Open Intro and private intro. Starting May of each year, we will be having open meditation at Prospect park. Once someone becomes a meditator at our center we start off by providing two or three 1-hour one-on-one sessions (more as needed or requested) to learn the method. Individuals sessions in the beginning are set up by appointment during open hours. After you have a good grasp on the method, you can join as many as group sessions both online and in-person as you want.
  • What are the various payment options?
    1 month unlimited: $200 one time payment (first time only & does not auto renew) Monthly unlimited: $150 per Month - Recurring payment- cancel anytime after month two- no cancellation fee 3 month unlimited: $400 one-time payment (first time only & does not auto renew)
  • What is your cancellation / refund policy
    All membership are nonrefundable. You many cancel your monthly recurring membership after month two at any time. There is no cancellation fee.
  • If I sign up how many classes can I attend at the center?
    When you sign up you have access unlimited live guided sessions both virtual and in person. There are total of 60 (10 sessions per day) live online and 21 in-person group sessions per week to choose from. The membership will include 2-3 private started sessions with weekly 1-hour private sessions going forward. In short, you will have access to many classes so that you can easily build your practice into your daily schedule and you will also get plenty of personalized help and coaching.
  • How often should I attend classes?
    As much or as little as you wish. We encourage students to attend as much as possible to see results. We generally recommend and help meditators to start and eventually build it up to daily practice. But our main goal is for you to be happy and this means you must choose the speed that brings balance and joy to your life.
  • What are the roots or lineage of this meditation?
    Many meditative practices comes from specific spiritual traditions however, this meditation is somewhat new. This project started in 1996 after an ordinary man named Woo Myung reached full enlightenment. What first started as one meditation class consisting of ten students in November of 1996, later developed into a complete program. Since that time Teacher Woo has worked for the past nearing three decades developing different techniques (later established into the 7 steps) trying to perfect a method so others could reach a state of completion. Throughout the years as the different techniques were developed, students could reach various enlightenments. While the founder provides a standard guide (i.e. manuals etc.) and guidance to the meditation centers when needed, the centers around the world run independently from him. Instead, this is emerging by hardworking people from all over the globe trying their best to share this message of hope with others as a result of their own positive and transformational experiences. Please visit the "method" page on the website to find out more regarding the various steps and process of the meditation.
  • Do you offer the option to attend just one class or to drop in?
    We do not offer the option to attend just one class nor come as a drop-in. The reason is because our method is unique and our center is also similar to martial a arts school: i.e we have a step-by-step program, made with the purpose of advancing with the discipline (akin to becoming a black belt in meditation!). To get your feet wet and learn to see if this meditation is right for you. There are two ways to go about it. Free Saturday Open Intro which happens every Saturday at 11:30 am till end of April,2023 Book a private intro for $15 at your convenience. Starting May, we will be having open meditation at Prospect park as part of Prospect Alliance's Spring and Summer 2023 program.
  • How many centers are available worldwide?
    As of 2016, there are currently 345 centers in 41 countries around the world. Our community is budding as a grassroots effort, evolving gradually with greater cultural competency each day to share this sacred path with people from around the globe.
  • Why is our method so revolutionary?
    The meditation was finalized as a complete program in 2012 and has grown into an international project spanning 41 countries. This method is special because what has been sought by all spiritual, mystical and philosophical traditions throughout the history of humankind: a return to the origin, the state of completion, or oneness is a reality. Now it is possible for everyone to recover their original nature. The most revolutionary aspect of the meditation is that it has the possibility of leading to the achievement of world peace because a return to the origin, the state of completion or oneness is achievable. After one has achieved human completion one lives for others, only then is peaceful co-existence possible.
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