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Meditation in the Workplace

We provide workshops in the workplace for clients and/or staff. Feel free to contact us if you are interested. Below are just a few places we have provided workshops at. 

This page is in progress!

Synergia, Inc

Brooklyn Meditation participated in the company wide health week at Synergia, a non-for profit located in Spanish Harlem that works with people with disabilities and their families. BM provided workshops for their employees to learn about meditation and stress reduction. We all had a blast!

Berkeley Caroll School

Our long-time meditator Linda and student helper Melissa (with help of trainee helpers Nicky and Maribel) held a fun and successful workshop/school field trip for 2nd graders from Berkeley Caroll school located Park slope.


Brooklyn Meditation is happy to provide young people with crucial and very effective tool of letting go and cleansing minds.

Brooklyn Citizens at the Ethical Society

We held a workshop with Brooklyn Citizens for female identified survivors of trauma at the Brooklyn Ethical society. Many survivors were able to learn a powerful tool of letting go and healing through meditation. Student helpers Pam and Melissa graciously agreed to facilitate the workshop.  They said they were happy to share this powerful meditation with fellow women.

Blink Gym

Long time meditator from Long Island meditation center Brandon and our own Elizabeth (guide) at Brooklyn Meditation facilitated a successful workshop for managers of Blink gyms in NYC area whom all traveled to Park Slope Blink location to participate in their manager training.


We were honored to be invited to help train managers of Blink gyms and help them become more effective in their work through meditative process.

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