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Student Reviews

Student at Brooklyn Meditation


Brooklyn Meditation offers a comprehensive approach to meditation that enables recovery from the most extreme suffering to the minor daily irritations of normal daily mundane life. This recovery can be described as a greater emotional rebalancing, a clearing out of troublesome memories, a re-evaluation of personal experiences that may be reframed to bring great comfort. The self confidence generated from this method and the liberation from the inner landscape people have of assumptions is enabling. I never could have imagined that such a coping method could exist. People going through extreme stress or people who have been through catastrophes whether physical or emotional or circumstantial can truly heal their brains. The people running this center are extraordinary human beings. Their patience and sincerity bring a remarkable type of encouragement.  This is a course in brain healing. I recommend it and hope anyone trying to achieve and maintain a sense of control, confidence and serenity gets to learn this amazing method. 



Thankful beyond words



Hi, I hope this testimonial sparks your interest in meditation because meditation has brought countless others and myself incredible experiences that has created more joy, meaning and fulfillment, in our lives. As a person living on planet earth, I think everyone’s primary goal is to be happy, but many people struggle to be happy, including myself, because there are so many external factors that influence how we feel on a daily-basis (e.g. relationships, jobs, family, and etc,). For instance, the pressure at work creates stress and anxiety that influences how you feel and behave, and at times, you take these negative feelings and emotion everywhere you go, such your home. When you constantly carry the negative emotions with you, you end up releasing negative energy/feelings to the people around you, including your loved ones. And to be honest, I still go through similar experiences every now even though I meditate because I’m a normal (may be below average haha) human being and am still on my meditation journey. But with 100% certainty, I can say that I’m in a much better place now than I was in the past because I’m able to overcome my negative states more easily. For Instance, a negative experience that used to takes days to overcome now only takes a few minutes to overcome. Others might see this as a small or insignificant progress, but for me, it has been an incredible behavioral change because I’ve always been aware of specific negative behaviors but haven’t been able to fix them prior to meditation. It’s similar to doing something bad even though you know it’s bad for you and others, but meditation helps you overcome your challenges and grow to become a stronger person. 

In an unexpected manner, meditation has brought many joyful experiences that I never expected. Initially, I tried meditation out of curiosity, and I did ask myself: Is this real? Will it help me? What if it doesn’t work? Am I crazy?, which is normal. The only suggestion I have is to be open-minded by giving it a shot and assessing whether or not it’s right for you. Every new experience is worth a shot (e.g. riding a bike, eating a new cuisine, and etc), and once you try it out, you’ll know whether or not something is right for you. I’m still on my meditation journey, but I wanted to share a bit of my experiences because, if you’re searching for joy, meaning, happiness, and etc, I think meditation might help you get there more quickly.

Brooklyn, New York



The teacher comes to you when you are ready. This meditation method was introduced to me one year ago at a time when I was experiencing physical, emotional, and mental turmoil. I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a try since I had tried other healing modalities before. At first I was skeptical, asking so many questions, trying to understand how the method would help me to throw away my false mind world. Reluctantly, I continued with some inner resistance based on my false mind.  


As soon as I earnestly started to throw away the pictures and detach from the stories that I had created, I saw the shift. The awareness of things was phenomenal, my mind was calming down, I became less resistant, I just rolled with the flow. There is no longer the need to understand but to experience the universal mind.


I am most grateful to the founders of this meditation, and also to helpers who have been so patient, so kind, so compassionate, and so non judgemental. Thank you.

Brooklyn, New York

September 2017



Since starting this meditation, I have stopped letting petty things affect me in negative ways. I reclaimed my inner strength and power which started creating so much peace within me that radiates to the relationships around me. I had a really heartfelt conversation with my mother and now I am really able to see her for the beautiful loving being that she is and not for 'images' that I made up in my head and letting go of past situations that do not exist now because they are in past and not in the NOW. 


I attract much more positive energy in my life and stopped seeking so much appreciation and acceptance from others. Also stopped comparing my life to others around me and am fully able to appreciate the person that I am able to cherish and honor that. 


From this meditation, I easily and got answers to things that happened in my life that I did not know before because I am tapped into my inner guide and the universe. There were some challenging moments but it was all in creating the beauty of letting go of so much that does not serve me and being the best version of me. My confidence has soared and well as for me to be in a vulnerable and authentic place and all aspects of my life. I am thankful to method of this mediation and to all of the guides at the center that provide the support for me during this journey.

Brooklyn, New York

August 2016



My childhood in Singapore was spent in and out of hospitals due to severe asthma. Doctors warned my mother that I wouldn’t live past adolescence because I was so skinny and weak. Because of this, it made me understand that happiness does not come from possessions, rather it meant to be alive. I chose to work in the healthcare industry after college because of my childhood health issues. At the hospital where I worked, I witnessed many patients die. The first moment of sitting down next to a deceased patient, a man in his early 20s, sent me into a deep state of confused, fear and extreme sadness. The fear of losing my life during childhood flashed back to me and I wondered intensely where I would go after death, why was I born, and what ultimately is the meaning for human beings to live some years and then suddenly vanish away like smoke. I fell into a deep depression as I saw more and more patients pass away. Also- at that point in my life, I was aware that I still had judgments towards others and had a strong ego. Even though I learned in the Buddhist sutra that everything is impermanent and that everyone is One and we should love each other, it was impossible to practice this in my everyday life.


I started to do different kinds of meditations to cope with stress and search for those questions I had about life and death, like Buddhist meditation, yoga etc., all of which helped to calm my mind. However, I knew my mind was not able to remain in a peaceful state all the time and the perpetual internal conflict of living up to what I knew, was always at odds with my habitual behavior. There was also still fluctuation and noisy chatter at the back of my mind. Therefore, I continued to search for new ways to achieve peace and ended up trying the subtraction method. In the end, it has been the best decision that I made in my life. This meditation completely put an end to my search for Truth because I have found the answers from within simply by engaging in this method. 


Simply by following the method and discarding pictures of my human relationships I have let go of the hatred I had for my father (someone I wasn’t speaking to at that time), which had negativity impacted my health for years. From the meditation, I learned that the emotional baggage of the people I hated are only pictures imprinted in my mind, mere illusions I have stored inside myself. Being able to look back on the relationship with my father, forgive and reconcile with him was one of the most invaluable gifts that this mediation has given to me. With this meditation, my health also improved and my body relaxed. In addition, I look much younger and people around told me that I became much more beautiful than before.


Most importantly, the incessant searching about the questions related to life and death and other queries are all resolved. I am now able to live in the moment and realize this world is heaven itself. Before, my mind was full of nonexistent illusions which hindered me from being in touch with life. Now wherever I go, whoever I meet whatever I do I am always happy and light. Moreover, because I understand the laws of nature, I have become more realistic and practical, there are always positive results from whatever I do and I am able to enjoy the process. 


Since I have changed my perspective from a self-centered mind to the infinite mind of the Universe, I have formed new habits of being able to live for the others and finding the joy in living for others’ happiness since they are also me. This is the best education that I have received in my life.  With this method, I am convinced that it is possible for the world to become one.

Brooklyn, New York



When I found this meditation I had already been meditating for over 20 years and thought I'd seen it all. But at the time I'd broken up with my fiance, wasn't sure which direction I should go in my life, and had suicidal thoughts. So after joining for one month and not really committing myself to the practice, I asked myself, why not take it seriously. So I took a month off work, and showed up at the center every morning at nine o'clock in the morning and would stay the entire day until closing. I'd usually put in on average about ten hours a day of meditation. Because I had a background in meditation this wasn't difficult for me.


The experience lasted for three hours. After my mind became so motionless, so still, so quiet, so peaceful, so content, that I was in a state of shock. It's hard to describe in words what my spiritual experience was like, but in all my years of meditation, my mind had never stopped completely without a serious amount of effort, and after just one month, I never experienced enlightenment quite that way before.After a month I passed level one and was so amazed by the method that I realized how egotistical I'd been about what I thought I knew. When you have no mind, nothing anyone does or says bothers you, and you can just do your job without any ups or downs. Life became so easy. that I knew that I wanted to finish all seven levels of this meditation and I am glad to say that not only did this meditation help me to get my confidence back, but it also helped me become a better salesman.


I cannot really describe in words what my experience is like, but all I can say is just do it, you won't regret it. I really think anyone who tries this meditation will feel the benefit in a short time. And as I have progressed from level to level the experience keeps getting better and better. Any doubts or misgivings you have will soon be washed away after you find out for yourself what it is like to be one with the universe. There is no high, nor low, no coming nor going, there is no good nor bad, there is only empty space, and in that emptiness, the awareness is content and infinite without borders. As they say in the Matrix, you can take the red pill or blue pill, the choice is up to you. But once you go down that rabbit hole, the world will never look the same again.


Bay Area, California

Student at Berkeley Meditation Center



As soon as I heard the lecture, I decided to try this meditation. I had read a lot of metaphysical writings, and they were all describing the same concept. This meditation promised that I would "become", not just know the truth. They said there was nothing outside myself in which to believe; no rules, no dogma. Just do the meditation and I would become and understand. The long and short of it? They were right. Do the meditation and you will experience the rewards for yourself. 

Long Island, New York

Student at Plainview Meditation Center

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