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Link to Meditation Centers in the New York Metro Area:


Links to a few centers in the USA:​



A considerable amount of research examining the impacts of

this meditation (example sources: Yun Mi-ra et al 2012, 

Duk-joo Lee, et al 2012, Sung-Ran Yi 2009, Kim- Mi-Han,

2009, In-Soo Lee, 2010) suggests benefits on health and 

mental health functioning; perceived negative emotions on

average has been shown to decrease, while perceived

positive emotions (like happiness, self-respect, self-efficiency,

positivity, satisfaction of life, and interpersonal

relationships) have been shown to significantly increase.



Research Articles:        




  • Journal Article titled "The Effects of Mind Subtraction Meditation on Breast Cancer Survivors' Psychological and Spiritual Well-being and Sleep Quality: A Randomized Controlled Trial in South Korea." First Authors: MiRa Yun, PhD, Misoon Song, PhD, Kyung-Hae Jung, MD, Boas J Yu, EdD RN FNP-BC CNE GCNS, Kyung Jae Lee, BA







  • Journal Article titled "The Effects of Mind Subtraction Meditation on Depression, Social Anxiety, Aggression, and Salivary Cortisol Levels of Elementary School Children in South Korea." Journal of Pediatric Nursing 2016. Yang-Gyeong Yoo RN, PhDa, Duck-Joo Lee PhDb, In-Soo Lee PhDc, Namin Shin EdD d, Ju-Yeon Park BAe, Mi-Ra Yoon RN, PhDf, Boas Yu RN, EdD, FNP-BC, CNE, GCNSg,









                                                                 Book download: 



                    Full book titled "The Era of Human Completion" by Boas J. Yu, Rn. published in 2013.



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Supporting Research

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