personalize & coached meditation guidance

We will teach you step-by-step on how to meditate.


The goal is not just to relax and go back to being the same once you leave.


The goal is to make real fundamental improvements & changes in your state of mind.

What is the mind?

People live inside their own mind worlds, which is composed of their life lived, body, and habits. People create their own false mind worlds by storing their memories as images and because of this they live trapped inside these self-made worlds. 


The false mind world is molded by the lives people have lived and by the experiences they have had. All people believe their own false mind worlds to be the real world, because the images they have taken of everything they have seen, heard, and experienced perfectly overlap the real world.   


Recall the remembered thoughts and images in my mind.



Reflect on the picture in order to increase self-awareness.

Become aware of your habits and attachments,

becoming conscious of who you are from a greater perspective: the Universe.


Throw away the picture with a guided visualization technique.

Train your brain to know that the illusion is not real and

to throw it away from a third party perspective: the Universe.

Rest your mind