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The flowing water, even as it flows and flows,

always follows it’s path.

The water swirls and churns,

then becomes a cascade –

it is truly magnificent.

Flowing and flowing, crystal clear water flows.

Whatever is in its way,

it flows unhindered along its path

and even though it runs into thousands of things,

it flows without conflict, without speaking.


Following the flowing water’s path,

descending valley after valley,

without change, the water is just water.

Water that is without minds,

goes and goes, somewhere, without any worries.

Even though many things happen,

because the water does not have the mind of those happenings,

they do not exist.

Whatever happens, it is silent.

It does not have even the mind of silence,

so it is free and liberated.

It is the always living Truth itself.

Water knows the laws of the original foundation;

it is the original foundation itself.

Whether or not water exists,

whatever it runs into,

whether or not this or that exists,

water that has no attachments to itself, it is alive.

People, with their many happenings, with their many excuses,

with their individual minds, are shameful.

When one becomes the mind of the clear blue sky,

the mind of water, the mind of nature,

and is reborn from the original foundation,

only then, can one become

the divine, a saint, God, Buddah.

People, living with their evil sins,

do not know to be ashamed.

Believing they are superior and worthy,

they think the world exists for them.


Live Well


To live without attachments is to live well.
To live without self is to live well.
To stand in Truth is to live well.
To live without confrontation is to live well.
To live a life of that is of nature’s flow is to live well.
To live as one is to live well.
To know that life is eternal is to live well.
To live without worries, pain, or agony is to live well.
To live as the emptiness is to live well.


As Naked As The Day You Came


Where have you come from
and where will you go?
Do you have sadness?
Do you have kleshas?
If so what?
Are they kleshas of knowledge?
Are they kleshas of meetings and farewells?
Are they kleshas of death?
Are they kleshas of birth, sickness, and old age?
Whatever sadness or worries you may have
they are all your meaningless delusions,
which have been born of 
your impure discernment.
Thus if you were to abandon all of your attachments
you would be free from your sadness.
In society today,
a person’s worth is determined by 
his state of wealth and rank,
and people believe that such things enrich their beings
which are nothing more 
than empty shells.
But man is an existence that departs 
as naked as the day he arrived.
Do you not go alone just as you have come alone?
Once you find yourself,
you will come to know that
you have come from nowhere and will go nowhere;
once you truly realize that
you are bound to your sadness, kleshas, and delusions
and are thus not really alive,
you will become Buddha.
Kleshas, along with all the delusions you see,
are meaningless.
Once you become enlightened
you will understand this logic.



The Sound of Wind Chimes


The wind chimes of Heaven ring leisurely,
but people do not know this
and so they look to the sky and sigh.
Listen! Listen!
I say to you all that life in Heaven
does not exist separately from
life on earth.
What is truly valuable is
the life you live on the earth with each others’ love.
People are bound to their bodies,
and so they childishly think that
the lives they are living are everything.

However the place where everyone has come from is
the Universe;
its Body is all of you and so all of you are one and the same.
Since you live your own lives in the world?

a world where
the distinction between ‘you’ and ‘me’ exists
but love does not
and since your lives are not of the will
of Heaven, man, and earth,
what you are doing is seeking to do nothing more

than satisfy your meaningless attachments.
A life that is of nature’s flow
is not a life that is lived only for oneself;
nature’s flow is about living together


Natures's Flow


A wanderer who has turned against the world

does not have anywhere to go.

He lives inside his mind, with burdens, sufferings and agonies.

By living a life against the ways of the world,

he is trapped inside a grave.

When a person of the world listens to the chattering of ghosts

who are each inside the graves of their own greatness,

he finds they do not acknowledge each other,

and only speak about themselves.

They all want to be acknowledged -

their stories are all of how great they are,

asking you to come into their worlds.

None of their stories are of any use,

all of them are lies, and more lies.

Man steals what belongs to the world while living in the world,

and having forsaken the mind of thankfulness to the world,

the existence of which allows all creations to exist,

he makes his own world, duplicated from the real world.

It becomes a false world,

and because he has turned away from the true world, 

it is death.



Seon-Bang Dam-Hwa


‘Seon-bang’ is a place people go 

in order to find their original nature-to find Truth.

They meditate by staring into a small dot.

They meditate with their minds.

Meditation is a battle with one’s self;

it is liberation from one’s secrets.


At the seon-bang, people focus on emptying their minds.

That they empty their minds means they eliminate what they have within.

To eliminate means to return to the original foundation.

Thus they abandon over and over again the thoughts they have stored within.


Listen all of you!

You must learn Nature’s flow as you live in this world-

you must learn to abandon.

Nature’s flow is non-existence.

Nature’s flow is oneness.

Nature’s flow is the existence of all things

Amidst non-existence.

You must learn to empty is to fill.

You must learn to live with your eyes open wide.


At the seon-bang,

people exchange ‘dam-hwa' (stories)

That are absent of their minds-

stories that are Truth.

They also talk to each other about the lives they lead.

Listen all of you!

Listen to the dam-hwa of Truth that I tell you.

Listen to them again and again,

as I tell them to you forgetful of the time. 

People speak of a godly life, 

but it is only when they speak absent of their minds

that they are able to all become one.

Even the drifting clouds hear my stories.

Even the passing winds hear my words.

When all creations become Truth,

when all creations are joyous,

then the images of every creation in the universe are as they should be.

The ideal world that people wish for resides in the dam-hwa at the seon-bang





Poems by the Founder of the Method.




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