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Welcome to

Brooklyn Meditation

A quiet and comfortable place to rest your mind.

Guided meditation that allows one to 

transcend the human mind and 

discover the mind of the universe.

Guided & Coached


Cleanse the mind to return to

your original nature, 

and find lasting peace and happiness within.

Simple, Powerful

& Systematic Method

Our method is a step-by-step guided meditation practice, designed for anyone regardless of experience.

Melissa G.

Moving through different stages of meditation,

I could feel the heavy weight

on my back disappearing.

Lora C.

As soon as I earnestly started to

let go & detach from the stories that

I had created, I saw the shift. 

The awareness of things was phenomenal, my mind was calming down.


I'm free from my own mind and exhausting, anxious thoughts. I have tools to practice and maintain living every day with an ease and compassion I didn't know was possible until I was exposed to this meditation and community.