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A quiet and comfortable place to rest your mind.

Guided meditation that allows one to 

transcend the human mind and 

discover truth within.

Guided & Coached


Cleanse the mind to return to

your original nature, 

and find lasting peace and happiness within.

Simple, Powerful

& Systematic Method

Our method is a step-by-step guided meditation practice, designed for anyone regardless of experience.

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I, who do not possess am beautiful

I, who can give everything is beautiful

You, who do not possess are beautiful

You, who can give everything are beautiful

We, who do not seek from each other, are beautiful

We, who help each other are beautiful

We are always together, We are beautiful

We can do together, we are beautiful

We, who. transform pain to happiness are beautiful

we, who transforms impure to pure, are beautiful

We, who believe in each other are beautiful

We, Who love nature, are beautiful

We, who transform from incompletion to completion are beautiful

People are beautiful 

Nature is beautiful

Universe is beautiful

Coexistence is Heaven 


Melissa G.

Moving through different stages of meditation,

I could feel the heavy weight

on my back disappearing.


I am taking myself, my role and my opinion less seriously. This gives me greater ease in relationships, being more vulnerable and less judgmental while feeling courageous joy and infinite strength.

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I'm free from my own mind and exhausting, anxious thoughts. I have tools to practice and maintain living every day with an ease and compassion I didn't know was possible until I was exposed to this meditation and community. 

Brooklyn Meditation helps all people to recover their true and original nature of self-reliance, self-empowerment, and tranquility.


We do this by supporting each individual’s journey to

self-knowledge and inner peace and nurturing each person’s ability to coexist, as part of sustainable and just communities.

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