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Saturday June 13th Meditation with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams

Saturday June 13, at 4pm EST. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams joined us for meditation on zoom, with about 200 attendees. The Borough President gave some beautiful and inspiring words on meditation. Here are his words from our session last Saturday:

"To be honest with you, if it wasn’t for the introduction of meditation in the morning when I wake up and before going to sleep at night, this is a powerful tool. It's such a tool that we have power in using every day.

And it's more than just sitting down somewhere, you can do it while standing, while walking. It’s just really becoming aware and conscious of your existence and being. In the midst of all the disturbance around us, if we just really go inward, we find such a level of peace that’s always among us. So, thank you, and I look forward for those of you who are doing it for the first time, or who meditate as often, it is always good to have a refresher. I know you may be the choir, so consider this choir practice, we sing together.

Thank you for a very powerful meditation session, and it is so applicable to today’s time.

Many of us are going through the transition from the visual and actual aspect of corona virus, and then cycling in through the horrific death of Mr. Floyd, and the protests and the sounds that are affiliated with all of these emotions. And when we meditate, when we allow police officers to start their job with meditation and end their job with meditation, when we allow meditation in our schools and it's how our young people start their day. With all the trauma that our young people bring inside the classroom. When we really incorporate a different thought process in our lives -- we start the process of healing from the inside out. There is so much pain, that unless you take an opportunity to really observe it, it will pass by you with this very fast cosmetic life that we’re living.

It really empowered me during the last two months when I had moved into Borough hall to deal with the corona virus crisis and found myself talking to young people during the protests, and talking to them about meditation, and how one of the key factors that’s facing us is that we lived in trauma every day, all day. And the body does not know the difference between thinking about trauma and actually living through trauma.

The only way I found how to take myself out of the fright and flight mode and into the healing mode is to take those 20 minutes a day or throughout the day and meditate. And so I encourage all of you to incorporate meditation in the lives of your loved ones, your spouse, your children, your family members, it is the place inside you to start the process of healing. And I want to thank Brooklyn Meditation for taking the opportunity for hosting this important event, thank you so much."

Eric Adams

Thank you so much to the Brooklyn Borough President for joining us on Saturday. We continue to encourage the public to try our daily free programs, available seven days a week. Together we can nourish healing and change in our community and find hope within.

Thank you!

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I am so interested in meditation and mindfulness. I need peace in my life now. What do you think about this method?

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