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Shine bright like a...

"A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a person perfected without trials." –Seneca

The stone you see here may look like a common pebble, but the value of this stone lays hidden. Can you guess what it is?

This stone is easy to recognize in it's polished form:

It's clear that there was a process the raw diamond had to undergo in order for its true value to be revealed: a process of cleaning and polishing that exposes the glittering jewel within.

Just as the diamond-in-the-rough needed to be buffed and polished in order to shine, we as humans will inevitably face challenging conditions in life that lead us to pause, self-reflect, and find a new way of being. A trial you may be facing at this time has been put before you not to defeat you - but to expand your consciousness (and this is good news!).

The way our meditation teacher puts it:

"The world does not exist for me - it exists to test me. One who is big-minded can overcome the trials without struggles." –Teacher Woo Myung

Meditation will give you the wisdom, clarity, and perspective to overcome those trials, and once we've learned what we needed to learn, that trial will cease.

Please enjoy this short video that explains further:

To learn more about our unique meditation method, please book an introductory session.

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