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Student Reviews


"Since starting this meditation, I have stopped letting petty things affect me in negative ways. I reclaimed my inner strength and power which started creating so much peace within me that radiates to the relationships around me. I had a really heartfelt conversation with my mother and now I am really able to see her for the beautiful loving being that she is and not for 'images' that I made up in my head and letting go of past situations that do not exist now because they are in past and not in the NOW.


I attract much more positive energy in my life and stopped seeking so much appreciation and acceptance from others. Also stopped comparing my life to others around me and am fully able to appreciate the person that I am able to cherish and honor that. 


From this meditation, I easily and got answers to things that happened in my life that I did not know before because I am tapped into my inner guide and the universe. There were some challenging moments but it was all in creating the beauty of letting go of so much that does not serve me and being the best version of me. My confidence has soared and well as for me to be in a vulnerable and authentic place and all aspects of my life. I am thankful to method of this mediation and to all of the guides at the center that provide the support for me during this journey."

—  Rene S., Student at Brooklyn Meditation


August 2016 

Brooklyn, New York

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