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Better Sleep, tonight. A new late-night meditation series to rest the body and mind.Better sleep

Better Sleep, tonight.

A new late-night meditation series to rest the body and mind.

Better sleep for better days. We hear firsthand how so many struggle to "turn off" at night, and sleep in a way that is truly restorative. We have designed a special nighttime meditation series to melt away tension and invite a restful night's sleep.

Introducing: Better Sleep Meditation Free, and guided live Every Tuesday and Thursday 10:00-10:45pm EST

Each session, you will be led through a progressive relaxation technique and guided meditation to gently release the thoughts of the day. Naturally, your body and mind will quiet down, allowing for a comfortable, rejuvenating state of restfulness. Every Tuesday and Thursday night, we will begin at 10pm, and close quietly at 10:45 - but hopefully our “goodnight” will go unheard. :) This is intended to be the last thing you do before falling asleep, so come ready to drift off to dreamland. We’ll see you there! Completely free and all are welcome. Please share this with those who could benefit from sounder sleep and sweeter dreams.

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