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Our heartfelt offering: a free weekly meditation just for healthcare workers

Sending our deepest gratitude to those working on the frontlines


Hero’s Meditation

This is for healthcare workers, working all day long in uncomfortable equipment, who are facing battles that we never imagined in our time. The rest of us, apart from images that we see on the news, know too little about what you must be going through. You are truly brave. You gather your strength each morning to go into action, and you come back to your home, hoping to catch a moment of silence.

We honor you, and respect you, and are thinking of you. We hope that we can be of service in releasing what has accumulated over this time, and restore peace in your body and mind.

We are offering a new series of public guided meditations called ‘Hero’s Meditation’ specifically for healthcare workers.

Every Monday, 9-10pm EST

Free, Live, hosted via Zoom

We invite you to log on and listen, and hopefully take something away from it that you can use as a tool during the crisis.

Here are a few quotes from two of our own members who are healthcare workers and currently satisfied with how this meditation has helped them:

“Due to the pandemic, I have been witnessing 25-30 people who pass away daily in my emergency room and have lost 4 co-workers of all ages so far. Meditation has helped me to let go of despair, fear and stress I go through daily.” - Dr. Ahmed Sabih, E.R. Doctor

Meditation helps me let go of the stress that I experience daily while working in the emergency department. It is especially helpful during the time of this pandemic when my work is infinitely more challenging, and I struggle to protect myself from all the grief and suffering around me. Letting go of the saddest and most heartbreaking moments allows me to deliver focused and compassionate care to my patients and their families. - Tatiana H., current student and E.R. physician

“This meditation has been fundamental to my self care. It helps me manage the emotional burden of being a therapist and clinical social worker for a highly vulnerable population working with undocumented people from Latin America. Providing access to this meditation method for all mental health and health care professionals will be so important for them to prevent vicarious trauma and burn out.” - Anonymous, Bilingual Clinical Social Worker

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